Equivalent circuit analyser

This is one of the analyser windows of the PDEIS virtual spectrometer. The multivariate frequency and potential dependencies of ac response acquired in the previous stage are analysed in sequences of constant potential sections of the potentiodynamic impedance spectrum. 2D sections of the spectrum represent consecutive snapshots of frequency response acquired along the path of a process; the analyser can show them as either Nyquist or Bode plots. The total ac response is decomposed into constituents represented by elements of equivalent electric circuits and the parameters obtained are further analysed as functions of electrode potential. Thus, different frequency responses of different interfacial objects enable their separation and individual investigation in complex responses. For more information about analysis of PDEIS spectra see our articles about potentiodynamic electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.

The built-in analyser of the PDEIS spectrometer has been adapted lately for the use with classical (2D) impedance spectra. The adapted EIS Spectrum Analyser can be downloaded from this site as a standalone freeware program.

Circuit analyzer

Genady Ragoisha, 2004-06
Physico-Chemical Research Institute
Belarusian State University